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We are a company that manufactures transformers used for tube amplifiers.
We will produce transformers designed based on innovative ideas.
We produce prototype amplifiers at reasonable prices.Because it is a transformer factory,
it is possible to reduce the price of the amplifier and to make it.
We offer tube amplifiers with good performance. We will also produce MC transformers, etc.
We will also manufacture products using the FINEMET (Hitachi Matrerial) transformer, which has become a hot topic all over the world.

Hatt Audio Amplifier

Hatt Audio Transformer

HO-808 and HX20S Transformer

Currently producing Site right now

Miyazaki Valve's Audiophiles Fair


Miyazaki is one of province of south of Japan close to Okinawa .show Valve Amp fair in Tokyo

Valve Audio Amplifier Fair in Tokyo on OCT 2019 --only in Japanese--

in English by Google

Takatsuki Valve Factory (ex Panasonic division)

本年 2019年も10月の真空管オーディオフェアに出展します。
we sale Audio Transformer and valves Amplifiers.
お問い合わせ、カタログ等は hatt_au@yahoo.co.jp まで
Hat Audio Lab :
We will exhibit at the Vacuum Tube Audio Fair in October 2019.

For inquiries and catalogs, please contact hatt_au@yahoo.co.jp
We will exhibit at the vacuum tube audio fair in October 2019 this year.
Thank you.
All transformers, amps, etc. are discounted and sold on the day.

製品リストと価格---Own Product List--

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